Instituto de Estudios Avanzados

Gerardo Urrutia en la Escuela de Física de la UHJ

La beca de AMUHJ para el Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en la Escuela de Física de la UHJ este temporada es para Gerardo Urrutia, estudiante de maestría en Astrofísica en el Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares de la UNAM.

A continuación, un poco de su información académica y profesional:

Academic Info

February 2016 – present, Master student in Astrophysics

Department of Plasma Physics
Office F-210
Nuclear Sciences Institute
Universidad Nacional Autnoma de M ́exico A.P. 70-543, C.P. 04510 Mexico City, Mexico

Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Me ́xico (UNAM)
Nuclear Sciences Institute
2016 – present, M.Sc in Astrophysics Adviser: Dr. Fabio De Colle
Project: The Structure of Gamma Ray Bursts
Faculty of Sciences
2009-2014, B.Sc Physics
Thesis: August 2015
Advidser: Dr. Wolfgang Bietenholz

Research Interests

◦ High Energy Astrophysics
◦ Theoretical and Computational Study of Gamma Ray Bursts ◦ Relativistic Hydrodynamics

Awards and Honors

  • 2016-present, CONACyT Master Fellowship (National Council of Sci- ence and Technology).
  • May 2017, Grant from the Universidade de Sa ̃o Paulo/IAG-USP to par- ticipate in SPSAS-High Astro 2017.
  • 2015, High Performance Student Fellowship for B.Sc Thesis (UNAM).
  • 2014, Research Assistant Fellowship (CONACyT).

Teaching Experience

Introduction to Thermodynamics, Fluids and Waves
With Dra. Michel Duque (Faculty of Sciences UNAM) Period: August-December 2017.

Statistical physics
With Dr. Rosal ́ıo Rodr ́ıguez Zepeda (Institute of Physics UNAM) Periods: January – May of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Electromagnetism II
With Dr. Julio Martinell (Nuclear Sciences Institute UNAM) Period: August – December 2016.

Statistical physics
With Dr. Guillermo Ram ́ırez Santiago (Institute of Physics UNAM) Period: August – December 2014

Research Experience and Publications

Master thesis
Adviser: Dr. Fabio De Colle
I am studying the structure of jets associated with Gamma Ray Burst through numerical simulations of hydrodynamic equations, in order to predict effects on the afterglow emission.
Publication: The Effects of Initial Conditions on The Dynamics of GRB Jets end Their Afterglow Emission. (In preparation)
Statistical Study of Latinoamerican Scientific productiviy in Theoret- ical High Energy Physics
Adviser: Dr. Wolfgang Bietenholz
We consider the productivity of research papers in specialized high-impact journals, and the corresponding numbers of citations. In addition we in- vestigated how these records are correlated with three socio economic indicators: GDP, HDI and EI.
Publication: G. Urrutia, L. Prado & W. Bietenholz,“Theoretical High En- ergy Physics in Latin America from 1990 to 2012: a Statistical Study”, arXiv:1708.04342.

Presentations and seminars

August 2017: (Talk) “The jet structure of Gamma Ray Bursts” in UADY- Mexico.
May 2017: (Poster) “The Effects of Initial Conditions on the Dynamics of GRB Jets and their Afterglow Emission” in SPSAS-High Astro (IAG-USP- Brazil).

March 2017: (seminar) “The jet structure of Gamma Ray Burst”. February 2017: (seminar) “Statistical Study in Scientific Productivity”. December 2016: Participation in the Scientific divulgation event “The night of stars” (UNAM).

November 2016: (Seminar) “Introduction to Gamma-Ray Bursts Physics”. September 2016: (Seminar) “The Random Flight problem in Astro- physics”.
May 2016: (Seminar) “A short path to get Einstein’s Field Equations”. June 2015: (Seminar) “Latin American productivity in High Energy Physics”.

May 2015: (Presentation) “Latin American productivity in High Energy Physics”, in Annual Reunion of Mexican Community of Particle-Fields Physics.
October 2010: (Poster) LIII Congreso Nacional de F ́ısica (Mexican Soci- ety of Physics) with job “Spherical Magnets”.